FMDsTM are clinically proven in human trials to have a positive impact on many health factors.

photo of ProLon box gluten free and non GMO

tomatoes and other fresh vegetables ProLon is what you eat when you don’t eat

For fasting to be effective, you need to do it for at least five days. And probably not more than five days.

That’s hard. And many people may not be strong enough to do it safely.

So Professor Valter Longo worked out how to carefully calibrate calories to keep your body ‘thinking’ it’s in a fasting state when actually you are eating a small but satisfying quantity of sustaining food.

ProLon supports a 5-day fast that deletes billions of old cells from your body. Even before you start eating again they’re being replaced by new cells that slow the ageing process.

You also:

lose abdominal fat
improve insulin resistance
resist chronic inflammation

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Look at an overview of what happens to your cells and your metabolism while you undergo a ProLon fast.
See the benefits of ProLon.

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ProLon is a calorie restricted diet formulated to generate changes in glucose, ketone bodies, IGF-1 and IGFBP1 similar to those caused by fasting while providing high nourishment and minimising hunger.
Here’s some detailed info about what lies behind your ProLon transformation.

diagram of six day journey

This is what you eat

ProLon Diet Card: Day 1 Breakfast: tea, L-Bar (nut-based), algal oil; Day 1 Lunch: tomato soup, olives, crackers, NR-3 (1 capsule); Day 1 Afternoon: tea, L-Bar (nut-based); Day 1 Dinner: minestrone soup, L-Bar (chocolate crisp), NR-3 (1 capsule). Day 2 Breakfast: tea, L-Bar (nut-based); Day 2 Lunch: mushroom soup, olives, NR-3 (1 capsule); Day 2 Afternoon: tea, olives; Day 2 Dinner: quinoa mix soup, L-Bar (chocolate crisp), NR-3 (1 capsule); during Day 2: L-Drink. Day 3 Breakfast: tea, L-Bar (nut-based); Day 3 Lunch: tomato soup, crackers, NR-3 (1 capsule); Day 3 Afternoon: tea; Day 3 Dinner: minestrone soup, NR-3 (1 capsule); during Day 3: L-Drink. Day 4 Breakfast: tea, L-Bar (nut-based); Day 4 Lunch: vegetable soup, olives, NR-3 (1 capsule); Day 4 Afternoon: tea, olives; Day 4 Dinner: quinoa mix soup, L-Bar (chocolate crisp) NR-3 (1 capsule); during Day 4: L-Drink. Day 5 Breakfast: tea, L-Bar (nut-based); Day 5 Lunch: tomato soup, crackers, NR-3 (1 capsule); Day 5 Afternoon: tea; Day 5 Dinner: minestrone soup, NR-3 (1 capsule); during Day 5: L-Drink. Day 6 Transition diet (not included) start with liquids: soup and juice then light meals of rice or pasta and small amounts of fish, meat, legumes. Resume normal diet on Day 7. See complete instructions for details.

The ProLon® fasting mimicking dietTM is scientifically designed and manufactured under controlled conditions.

The ingredients are plant based and organic. They are grown, harvested and dried under a regime of strict quality control.

The volume of your daily intake of the L-Drink ensures you reach but do not exceed the daily calorie target for your body weight.

Only by consuming the contents in the ProLon box as instructed will you achieve the desired results of rejuvenation and renewal.

fasting-mimickingplant basedwhole food

ProLon sold in Australia during 2021 may differ in small ways from the above day 1–5 menu. When the slight changes to ProLon made to adapt to the Australian regulatory environment are complete we will update the image above. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about this. Thanks.

This is what happens

Day 1 Transition day
  • Enhances body’s transition into fasting
  • Carefully controlled macro and micronutrients
Day 2 Use of reserves
  • Glucose is metabolised and fat starts to break down
  • Cellular stress and autophagy begins
Day 3 Cellular autophagy
  • Most people reach full ketosis
  • ‘Bankruptcy day’
    – you’ve run out of fuel
    autophagy = recycling old cells
Day 4 Cell based regeneration
  • Autophagy continues
  • Stem-cell regeneration starts
  • Body starts to replace old/inefficient cells with young, efficient cells
Day 5 Regeneration continues
  • Stem-cell based regeneration continues
  • The body is being rejuvenated from within

  • Stem cell proliferation continues for up to 5 days after you complete the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet and return to your regular healthy meal plan