Some help when you’re fasting

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The day before

Just eat a normal diet the day before. Make it healthy. There’s no need to pig out. Drink plenty of fluids and get a good night’s sleep.

During your five day ProLon fast

Plan ahead to have an easy week, preferably not working and definitely not travelling. Eat nothing except the ProLon diet. Eat all of it unless there’s something you really don’t like. Take the supplement capsules when prescribed. Drink the L-Drink and the teas. And as much extra water as you comfortably can.

Don’t exercise vigorously or in a cold environment. Sleep plenty. Meditate if you are used to it. Keep a journal if you like.

It doesn’t matter if you swap one meal with another during a particular day. But do not swap meals between days.

The two days after

At the end of the 5-day program, on DAY 6 and for a period of 12 hours, you should keep your meals light and small. Resume your regular healthy meal gradually, starting with liquid foods, such as soups and vegetable juices, followed by light meals, including rice, pasta, and small portions of meat, fish, and/or beans. Your regular healthy meal may be resumed on DAY 7. As each person’s dietary requirements are different, please discuss this with your licensed healthcare professional to confirm what is the right transition diet for you.

PDF resources from the manufacturer

ProLon instructions
       (10 MB quick download via Dropbox)

transition day meal guide (for day 6)
       (7 MB quick download via Dropbox)

oh, yeah, and can I have coffee?

Professor Longo says it’s OK to have one black coffee per day during your five day fast. Preferably enjoy your coffee in the morning.

No sugar.

Only one cup.