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What’s the motivation?

I’ve had a pretty busy life, full of ups and downs. Who hasn’t?

Except for our youngest grandchild. So far he appears to have had a perfect run!

My life hasn’t been without health challenges. And my career as an educator, writer and web developer has funnelled towards healthcare and science.

Then longevity.

In 2017, just as I was about to turn 70, ProLon appeared.

ad for ProLon in Times Square, New York - introducing ProLon the fasting with food meal program

So I started LifeX Australia.

ProLon is the first scientifically solid product among the many products, services and information I hope to bring you as we discover what works to slow ageing – and what doesn’t.

I’m motivated to stay healthy as long as I can.

Perhaps you’re on the same journey.

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