three slim women and one man with six pack against coloured background

Forget the weight loss fantasy

(unless you're young, beautiful, lucky and have a will of iron)

ProLon box with lid half open to reveal five day packs

Or how ProLon® can realistically help you lose weight.


It’s doable!


Is this your (fantasy) goal?

  • a size-smaller dress for that wedding coming up
  • or a six pack for summer
  • (assuming COVID allows)

Or do you realistically want to…

  • safely, sustainably, lose weight around your middle?
  • especially visceral fat that wraps around your organs?
  • do it in an achievable, fasting-mimicking way?
  • keep the weight off?
  • and gain flow-on benefits that last?

Here’s a summary of a 2017 scientific study by Valter Longo’s team

What they already knew

  • Long term calorie restriction can enhance healthy ageing.
  • But most people find it too hard.

What happened in the experiment

One hundred healthy people were split into two groups.

  • Group 1 continued their normal diet.
  • Group 2 took ProLon for five days each month for three months.
  • All participants were told not to change their lifestyle during this time.

What were the results for people who took the ProLon compared to those who didn’t?

Three cycles of ProLon reduced body weight, trunk and total body fat, blood pressure and IGF-1 in comparison with a normal diet.

On average these measurements went down:

body weight 2.6 kg

BMI 0.9

waist circumference 4.1 cm

systolic blood pressure 4.5 mmHg

diastolic blood pressure 3.1 mmHg

fasting plasma glucose (IGF1) 0.27 mmol/L

triglycerides 0.27 mmol/L

At the three-month follow up most results persisted.

Can I trust this science?

This was a small but well managed trial. The results largely agreed with more extensive mouse studies.

You can read the article yourself here.

(If viewing in Firefox on a laptop or desktop, the file should automatically download. Otherwise, look for the download symbol towards the top right of the browser window.)

What does this mean for me?

If you’re new to ProLon, consider first taking ProLon once a month for three months.

After that many people take ProLon about twice a year.