First things first

woman asleepSleep

Are you a human?

Then you have a complicated brain which requires one third of your life spent restoring it for daytime function.

Your body has basic components that were ‘invented’ millions of years ago. They all need sleep to keep functioning and disease free.

That means at least eight hours for most of the nights in your life.

The science is in.

Without enough sleep you are likely to:

Get at least one chronic disease as you age.
Die too young.
Never reach your full potential.
And never be as happy as you should.

So what can I do if I have a sleep problem?

  1. Identify one part of the problem.
  2. Change one habit to help.
  3. Learn about sleep.
  4. Revisit 1, 2, 3.
  5. Get help if you need it.